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The Obsessor – Albert Pabek Thriller Book 2

Book 2 in the Albert Pabek Thriller series, THE OBSESSOR, released September 14, 2014 


The sequel to The Owner, Albert and Teleport must return to San Francisco.  It’s been three months since he destroyed Karl Remons.

The first day of fall has arrived, and vengeance is in hot pursuit.  Her name is Rebecca.  She tells Albert, “I’m going to kill you.  An eye for an eye.”

Rebecca Underwood is THE OBSESSOR.

Also joining in on the corporate raiding is Pete Quinn, the mastermind of Quinn Properties.  Everyone seems to be after RPW Corporation and it looks like nothing will stop the takeover.  Albert’s arsenal, including his lifelong friends, from Detroit, may not be able to win this battle.

The sequel to THE OWNER, THE OBSESSOR is another SUSPENSE THRILLER from SHANE SIMPSON, taking readers on a NONSTOP, HEART-POUNDING thrill ride – every page and every chapter.

The Owner – Albert Pabek Thriller Book 1

Book 1 in the series
Released September 20, 2013


Available in Paperback, E-book, and Audiobook Editions

Shane Simpson, the creator of Albert Pabek, introduces us to a new Suspense-Thriller Series.

Aboard his technologically advanced 60 foot sailboat yacht, Albert Pabek sails under the Golden Gate Bridge. He drops a large, mysterious container overboard and watches as it sinks to the bottom of the San Francisco Bay.

Albert’s revenge is now underway. He has three days to destroy the life of one man – multibillionaire, Karl Remons, The Owner of Remons Global – the man who killed his father sixteen years earlier. Karl Remons is a murderer, swindler, womanizer, and money launderer. He will do anything, to anyone, at anytime. No one can stop him.

 Karl Remons is THE OWNER.

Albert had five years to prepare. Now, he must execute the plan. On the first day of summer, he will meet the man who killed his father, telling him – “I am the NEW Owner”.

The plan immediately goes awry. A new friend betrays Albert. Two manufacturing plants explode within moments of each other – one in Detroit, Michigan and another in Oakland, California. Someone dies. World Auto attempts a hostile takeover. Albert is taken hostage. Someone else dies. The black helicopter disappears. Then, there’s the Homeland Security fiasco.

Success was unlikely. He knew that beforehand.

THE OWNER is a SUSPENSE THRILLER taking its readers on a NONSTOP, HEART-POUNDING thrill ride through each page and every chapter.