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The Offender – Book 3 in the Albert Pabek Thriller Series

Released July 15, 2016

Success had always been unlikely…

Book 3 in the Albert Pabek Thriller Series, THE OFFENDER begins with a new twist from the remains of Remons Global.

Albert has gone missing. With Lawrence a hostage aboard Teleport, Max and Sam dive head first into the fray. The Detroit boys aren’t going down easily. And, neither is Rebecca Underwood. She’s not done with Pete Quinn, and, if she can ever find him, Albert is still on her kill list.

The Owner now docked in Long Beach, things are getting out of control. The Orange County family has taken matters into their own hands. They have power, unlimited money, and a kill list longer than Rebecca’s. And, the family patriarch bends for no one.


RPW Corporation? Well, Malcona Payne has a few skeletons in the closet. And, she’s determined to keep that door closed by whatever means necessary!

THE OFFENDER is another SUSPENSE THRILLER from SHANE SIMPSON, taking readers on a NONSTOP, HEART-POUNDING thrill ride – every page and every chapter.

Interview with Shane Simpson


What is your e-reading device of choice?

I started with one of the original Kindles back in 2010 and still enjoy it today for the closest to a book feeling. However, most of my reading these days is on iPad Mini using the Kindle app.

What’s the story behind your latest book?

I’m writing the 4th book in the Albert Pabek series currently.  Albert is still in trouble, and now so is everyone else.

Book 4 hasn’t been officially titled yet.  It picks up a few months following THE OFFENDER.

Albert 1997


When you’re not writing, how do you spend your time?

I really enjoy high speed, intense watersports, like windsurfing.  It’s a big thrill to be strapped to a sail, rocketing across the water at twenty or thirty miles per hour. I also enjoy traditional sailing, but prefer the faster boats like Hobies and Lasers. Snow skiing and scuba diving are occasional pursuits I try to squeeze in.

What is your writing process?

Type fast and ask questions later. I lay down 600 to 800 words per hour, on average. I believe the story is inside you and needs to come out quickly. Once it’s on paper, the editing, grammar, and consistency checks can happen. If you never get it to paper, then there’s nothing to check.

Who are your favorite authors?

Lee Child is the tops right now. I have been reading his Jack Reacher series for nearly ten years. Always enjoy picking up the newest release and usually will read in less than three days. Clive Cussler, the older works specifically, are really enjoyable. Michael Connelly is really good to read. Finally, I really enjoy Joseph Finder’s work.

How did you come up with Albert’s last name? What does Pabek mean?

Chapter 2 of The Owner introduces Albert. His first name came out immediately while I was writing the chapter. Albert seemed to be the perfect name. On the other hand, Pabek was not finalized until the book was nearly complete. I tried out several names, but nothing seemed to fit. Then, one day I thought about the word PAYBACK. Pabek fell into place shortly thereafter.

How fast can Teleport actually travel? What other gadgets are on the ship?

Good questions, but I really am not able to say at this time. Albert maintains a lot of secrecy around his construction of Teleport. I can say her top speed is still slower than an airplane. Gadgets?  Yep, there are a few surprises about Teleport in the series.